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Fixing & Maintenance:
Did you know the two common mistakes people make when setting marble? It's not reinforcing and levelling the surface the marble is to be laid up, and not checking for flatness and cracks on the marble.

While you hope that your builder would take care, when you notice a crack and go running to him, he points a finger at the sub-contractor and the sub-contractor would convince you that you are the only one making a fuss over a minor crack, when it is all too normal!

Installing a marble floor requires a great understanding of flatness, cracks and proper reinforcement - A skill and expertise that Kirthu Granite can amply boast of.

A well fixed marble floor is appealing to the eye. Getting it fixed well takes experience, skill and the right man power who can address installation issues such as lippage.

At Kirthu Granite we take special precaution to make sure that any type of stone is installed over a substrate that is smooth and level with no lumps, bumps or valleys. We ensure that any variance from the industry standard for the surface of the substrate is filled or planed down, so that your marble is uniformly supported.

We also undertake repair and restoration of marble tiles by carefully chipping out the damaged tile, cleaning up the base substrate and installing a new piece. Where necessary we tear out an area of tile and start over with new tiles and get you the perfect finish for your marble flooring.

Restoration Services:
Repair your dull etched marble and be proud of your marble without "water spots" and "glass-rings." Is that possible? Very much!!

At Kirthu Granite we give a new lease of life to your marble, getting it back to its glory with all the shine that it once had. Your marble, travertine, limestone, granite and any natural stone can now be "finished" with a number of different surface types, styles and the look you want it to sport.

So, if you want a shiny, high-gloss finish, then we "polish" it. If you want a satin-smooth, muted color finish, then we "hone" it and if you want any non-reflective look then we could "tumble," "flame," "antique," "brush," or "hammer" it as you want it.

This is a professional's job and not something you can wipe off with a chemical or "polish". We use special tools, abrasives and employ a multi-step process to get you the finish you need. For larger areas we have specially imported machinery that takes care of deploying the right products to repair etch marks and to clean and protect your marble, maintaining it for years to come.

As India's #1 and only company with exclusive machinery for polishing and restoration services we restore the beauty of your natural stone floors and surfaces. Whether it's just light polishing or a full-scale restoration project, our restoration professionals will get it done for you with efficiency.

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