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Kirthu Granite is an importer and wholesaler of natural stones. We offer granite, marble, quartzite, onyx, travertine with over 75 colours, sourced from ound the world. With a network of quarries across the world, we source the finest blocks, hand-picked as per our customer requirement. Our design consultants aide fabricators, consumers and designers choose the right stone for their projects.

We provide contract and laying services that are backed by our extensive experience, large inventory of high-quality stones, and competitive rates, with the best of workmanship.

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With over 2 decades of experience in sourcing, laying and fixing natural stone, Kirthu Granite is a preferred choice for all those who appreciate stone art. Kirthu Granite brings to you a range of Granite, Marble and Stone Artifacts, Cobbles & kerbs, Temples and Monument work, from natural stone.

We source the best of stone from around the globe as an accredited Procuring Agent, take up laying and fixing jobs as a labour contractor, and execute customized orders for Stone landscaping, Temples and Monuments and Cobbles & Kerbs.

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