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It's the perfect house. It's your dream home.

Design magazines and habitat supplements have kindled your desire for a great backyard and a wonderful approach to your new little palace. You want a zen garden, with the right mix of Cobbles, Pebbles, Pavings, Kerbs & Stone Landscaping.

And you've done your homework - Polished Pebbles, Sandstone Pebbles, Black Pebbles, Quartz Pebbles, Rose quartz pebble, Silica pebbles, Crushed Stone aggregate, granite cobblesotnes, paving slabs, sandstone cobbles, granite pebbles, concrete curbing, Sandstone paver, Rubber Paver, Garden Stone, Cobble tile, patio pavers, permeable pavers, plastic grass pavers, Granite paving slabs, Marble Pavers, Slate Pavers, and the list is endless as much as the choices are.

You are now beginning to worry if your homework is a boon or a bane.

Set aside your worries and reach us. We offer expert consultancy for procurement, laying, fixing, stone landscaping and execute your dream on paper to reality that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Client Satisfaction

Kirthu Granite has over the years earned accolades from a highly demanding and appreciate world wide clientele.

Our expert global consultants add immense value to your cobbles and kerbs with their hands-on experience, layout designs and that extra sheen to laying and fixing work.

Wide range of Designs

You can get to work with our consultants, modify existing templates or create your own design. Walk-in to our office and talk to one of them and get a better idea of what it takes to create that special kerb, as unique as you are.

Why Us?

With Kirthu Granite you can be assured of:

  • Custom designs
  • Great quality
  • Large choice of ideas and products
  • Excellent creative landscaping
  • Experienced team of artists, designers, architects, engravers and fixing and laying personnel
  • Best-in-class competitive pricing across all natural stones.

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