Procuring Agents:
Kirthu Granite is a leading procuring agent from India. We are respected for our quality inspection of raw blocks and finished slabs of Granite and Marble. We certify those that are suitable exclusively for the export markets and we ensure that the chosen stone is of zero-defects.

We have an excellent network of Quarry owners, local trders, factories, transporters, logistic companies and C&F agents, giving us the edge over competition. Our clients experience hazzle-free end-to-end services that take care of the entire spectrum of natural stone procurement from source to shipment. We assure on-time delivery, every time.

Labour Contracts:
Natural stone remains just another stone, if it'S not fixed and polished with the right hands. At Kirthu Granite we excel in:

a) Laying & Fixing of natural stone

b) Maintenance through Polishing and Restoration services

Laying and Fixing with accuracy, where and joints and designs spell elegance is a specialists job. Kirthu Granite has been successful in keeping her world wide customers happy, for the last 2 decades.

If you are looking for cleaning, repairing and sealing services for your old marble, granite and travertine, then you are at the right place. Our Polishing and Restoration services get your marble and granite sparkling like new, with great finish. Kirthu Granite is India's #1 and only company with exclusive machinery for polishing and restoration services that make your services sparkle like new. We restore the beauty of your natural stone floors and surfaces so that their sparkle lasts for years to come. Whether it's just light polishing or a full-scale restoration project, our restoration professionals will get it done for you with efficiency.

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